Happy New Year 2019

New Year's Eve Party at Sortie Nightclub and Restaurant

Happy New Year 2019

Are you ready for an experiment that you have not lived before? Would you like to immortalize a moment with your friends or your family? Unforgettable moments are waiting for you by taking our boat tours which the most beautiful party of New Year’s Eve has experienced.

2019 Christmas party; Sound in your logic, does not it say: “Come on then, what are we standing for?” Then what are we waiting for?” What more do you need? Your logic and your heart are already starting to fight. You already have to have written your name on the New Year Party on the Boat. You have entered such an atmosphere that you are a soul… You should not miss your party before you run out of tickets. Are you ready to push the boundaries of a party “your soul is free, then and wants to fly” with special groups of your own friends? Fun begins … This is the largest and most fun Christmas party in Istanbul! It starts with a program that will determine.

How will you join the New Year Eve Party?

Did you see the Bosphorus with the unique view of the moonlight on Christmas night? We have many experiences in the sector for many years with the expert personals in the field about the Bosphorus New Year’s Eve services.

When you contact us, we tell you the locations where our boats are located. On this count, you learn the hours of your party. All you have to do is come before your party starts and take your places on our boat.

Do not forget take a part of our New Years’ Eve Party.

What are the things waiting for you in the Party?

Whether it is for business or for the stress of the day, if you want to celebrate a special day with your guests, we will organize an unforgettable Bosphorus tour by watching the Bosphorus and we will not leave you alone when you enter the New Year. For the New Year’s Eve Party, our boats are waiting for you.

With a unique visual feast, belly dancer and music, the New Year Party will welcome you first with traditional music. At the beginning of the countdown, you will be witnessing an unforgettable moment next to the person you love with the fireworks display in Istanbul’s skylines, one of the largest settlements in the world.


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